"Hawaii’s Plantation Village is grateful to the Group 70 Foundation for their generous support of our educational program. By supporting this program, Group 70 Foundation is enabling low-income children and schools the opportunity to participate in Hawaii’s Plantation Village curriculum, allowing us to invite schools who have never been to the Village or have had to cut it from their curriculum due to cost. Especially now in this time of tight budgets, Group 70 Foundation’s grant allows communities and their children to learn about their immigrant roots."
– Friends of Waipahu Cultural Garden Park. 2008 recipient.
"The Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) thanks Group 70 for the grant to continue the Hawaii Indigenous Names Project. Hawaiian place names are powerful cognitive mechanisms that unfold the richness of the Hawaiian cultural landscape. A combination of personal interaction and technical expertise allow this knowledge to be captured and shared throughout Hawaii and the world. HIGICC will continue to encourage the development, distribution and use of geographic data to help people understand the Hawaiian Islands. Thank you once again."
– Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council. 2008 recipient.
"Mahalo nui for selecting Kai Makana’s Mokauea Fishpond Restoration Project for the Group 70 Foundation Award! The restoration of the fishpond at Mokauea Island will breathe life back into one of the last remaining traditional subsistence fishing villages in all of Hawai‘i. Mokauea Fishing Village is a looking glass into a time when we had reverence for nature and understood man’s responsibility to care for our environment. Kai Makana is grateful for the support of Group 70 to care for this valuable cultural and educational resource."
– Kai Makana Inc. 2008 recipient.
"Na Maka Walu would like to express their gratitude to the Group 70 Foundation and will be using the funds to help to offset the costs of providing a cultural program to the inmates at the Waiawa Correctional Facility."
– Na Maka Walu Inc. 2008 recipient.

Past Award Recipients


Hoa 'Aina O MakahaHoa ‘Aina O Makaha

Amount: $7,300. Year: 2009

To ensure educational equity for upper division grade level students at Makaha Elementary School.


Hawaiian Kamali'i, Inc. Hawaiian Kamali‘i, Inc.

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2009

To perpetuate, preserve and celebrate traditional Hawaiian knowledge and practices by building a traditional hale wa‘a (canoe house).


Honolulu Academy of ArtsHonolulu Academy of Arts

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2009

To build self-esteem, enhance academic learning, redirect inappropriate behaviors, and encourage alternative leisure patterns.


Hawai'i MaoliHawai‘i Maoli

Amount: $2,000. Year: 2009

To restore Loko Ea Fishpond for educational purposes for students and adults.


Friends of Waipahu Cultural Garden ParkFriends of Waipahu Cultural Garden Park

Amount: $7,000. Year: 2008

To foster in the participating students a deeper awareness and appreciation of their cultural heritage, to develop and implement a comprehensive age-appropriate hands-on cultural-heritage curriculum.


Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating CouncilHawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2008

To conduct community meetings and collect digital voice clips of any stories or legends associated with each place name from key community members.

Kai Makana IncKai Makana Inc.

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2008

To get the fishpond (Mokauea Fishpond) functioning to be used as an educational and cultural resource.

Na Maka Walu IncNa Maka Walu Inc.

Amount: $4,000. Year: 2008

To provide cultural healing process for homeless and incarcerated women using ancestral knowledge for prevention and empowerment.



Apu a HinaApu a Hina

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2007

To create a tourist video aimed at protecting their community by educating visitors and new residents in a serious and meaningful way.

The Comic Book ProjectFriends of the Future

Amount: $10,000. Year: 2007

To engage youth in a comic book project that will serve as a literacy program with professionally developed lesson plans to build reading and writing proficiency, critical thinking, creativity, concentration, and teamwork skills—all primary components of leadership development.

Hawaii Youth Opera ChorusHawai‘i Youth Opera Chorus

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2007

To build a firm foundation in choral performance, establish a lifelong appreciation of performing arts among Hawaii’s youth, and provide scholarships to encourage leadership in Hawaii music education.


Ka‘u Rural Health Community Association, Inc., - Pahala, HI

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2006

To preserve access to quality health care and to sustain a healthy community.

Kauai Recycling for the artsKaua‘i Recycling for the arts - Kilauea, HI

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2006

To teach the importance of recycling through art.



Kipahulu ‘Ohana, Inc. - Hana, HI

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2006

To restore the native environment through reintroducing traditional Polynesian crops and removing invasive species.



Lo‘i Theater

Amount: $2,000. Year: 2004

To provide affordable theater experiences to audiences from all ages and cultures, and to offer opportunities for collaboration among artists and the community.

Mō‘ili‘ili Community Center

Amount: $2,000. Year: 2004

To prepare for Moiliili’s future by recording and understanding the area’s past and present changes.

African American Culture

Amount: $2,500. Year: 2003

African-Americans in Hawaii Photo Exhibit.

Ka‘ala Farms

Amount: $5,500. Year: 2003

Ka Manu Kahea (Ready the Canoes).

Mō‘ili‘ili Community Center

Amount $5,000. Year: 2003

Mō‘ili‘ili history project.

PA‘I Foundation

Amount: $4,500. Year: 2003

‘Aiea heiau restoration.

Waikalualoko Fishpond

Amount: $4,500. Year: 2003

Fishpond restoration.

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