"We deeply thank the Group 70 Foundation for your generous support of Family Promise of Hawai’i. Our 1,500+ volunteers embody our shared values of generosity, civic duty, service, and philosophy. Your investment in our program will enable over 75% of our guests to transition out of homelessness into sustainable independence. We look forward to partnering with you to create sustainable, compassionate, and resilient communities dedicated to providing a home to every child on our island!"
– Family Promise of Hawaii. 2008 recipient.
"We are thrilled to have been chosen as an award recipient of the Group 70 Foundation. It is especially rewarding to have an architecturally based group support the housing needs for people with disabilities in the most rural section of the Big Island."
– Kona Association for Retarded Citizens. 2008 recipient.
"Re-use Hawai’i is thrilled to be chosen as one of this year’s Group 70 Foundation awards recipient again this year. Less than a year into operations, Re-use Hawai’i, a non-profit dedicated to building material reuse and recycling, has the need to expand our deconstruction program in order to meet the needs of the community. What a wonderful position to be in! Re-use Hawai’i is currently diverting over 8 tons of reusable building material per week and redistributing it to the people and organizations who need it. Thank you Group 70 Foundation, for increasing our capacity to fulfill our mission. Together we can keep building material out of the landfill, and in use in our community!"
– Re-use Hawaii. 2008 recipient.

Past Award Recipients

Housing and Community Development

University of Hawai'i FoundationUniversity of Hawai‘i Foundation

Amount: $3,200. Year: 2009

To teach elementary school children to set realistic, achievable and concrete financial goals early in life and to make good decisions and to build wealth over time.

County of Kaua'iCounty of Kaua‘i - Anti-Drug Program

Amount: $2,500. Year: 2009

To provide instruction, guidance, and support for parents of strong-willed adolescents, by making Parent Project® classes availabe in the low-income housing commmunity of Koloa, Kaua’i.


Habitat for Humanity Leeward O'ahuHabitat for Humanity Leeward O’ahu

Amount: $2,500. Year: 2009

To provide the local community with low cost building and home improvement materials.


The Maui FarmThe Maui Farm

Amount: $2,500. Year: 2009

To learn skills related to sustainable agriculture and gardening at home, and will be invited to participate in growing food for themselves and the community.

Family Promise of HawaiiFamily Promise of Hawaii

Amount: $8,000. Year: 2008

To help shelter, feed and support homeless families with children. And to help supervise their day center, mobilize community initiatives, and connect families with housing resources.

Kona Association for Retarded CitizensKona Association for Retarded Citizens

Amount: $6,000. Year: 2008

To develop a small community for people with disabilities to provide housing, an activity center, recreation, gardening, and animal care.

Re-use HawaiiRe-use Hawaii

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2008

To keep reusable building material from the landfill and in use in the community.

Boys & Girls Club of HawaiiBoys & Girls Club of Hawai‘i

Amount: $8,000. Year: 2007

To enable Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii to address youth guidance issues in the greater Kailua community, particularly those related to preteens and drugs.



Big Island MediationBig Island Mediation

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2007

To improve the way people deal with conflict through outreaches, facilitation, and conflict resolution training for the community.

Family Promise of HawaiiFamily Promise of Hawai‘i

Amount: $8,000. Year: 2007

To shelter, feed and support homeless families with children and help prepare them for a transition to self-sufficiency.

Domestic Violence Clearinghouse & Legal Hotline

Amount: $2,000. Year: 2007

To raise public awareness through education, to strengthen accountability, and to make appropriate system-wide intervention for domestic violence issues.

United Cerebral Palsy Association of HawaiiUnited Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawai‘i

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2007

To positively affect the quality of life of children and adults with cerebral palsy or other similar severe disabilities through sensory integration therapy.

Special Olympics HawaiiSpecial Olympics Hawai‘i

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2007

To prepare today’s intellectually disabled youth for acceptance and integration into their community through sports training, health screening, education, and leadership programs.

Honolulu Culture & Arts District AssociationHonolulu Culture & Arts District Association

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2006

To create events and venues that give young people the opportunity to showcase their artwork and express themselves artistically.

Kaua‘i Planning & Action Alliance - Līhu‘e, HI

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2006

To measure, track, and report on a range of community factors reflecting issues of importance to Kauai residents.

Waikiki Health CenterWaikiki Health Center

Amount: $3,000. Year: 2006

To help homeless clients and assist them with the transition to self-sufficiency by providing them with a resource guide for Oahu.

Habitat for Humanity Kona

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2005

To eliminate homelessness and poor housing conditions, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action by creating opportunities for people to collaborate on a project that bridges divisions of race, ethnicity, wealth, or religious affiliation.

The Salvation Army Līhu‘e Corps

Amount: $5,000. Year: 2005

To provide hot meals and fresh water to disaster survivors as well as emergency aid workers in times of need, and to feed hungry individuals as an extension of the Soup Kitchen Program throughout the island of Kaua‘i.

The ARC in Hawai‘i

Amount: $6,000. Year: 2004.

To ensure the sustainability of three homes for adults with mental retardation by installing solar water heating systems.

Friends of the Palace Theater (in Hilo)

Amount: $4,000. Year: 2004

To support the community by maintaining the Palace Theater as a center for various multicultural activities.

YWCA of O‘ahu

Amount: $2,000. Year: 2004

To provide affordable transitional shelter, financial counseling, and practical life planning skills in order to encourage economic self-reliance.

O‘okala Community Center

Amount: $8000. Year: 2003

O’okala Community Center and Plantation Market Place.

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